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Achieving Brand Consistency Through Furniture

In restau­rant inte­ri­or design, every choice – from archi­tec­tur­al detail­ing to fur­ni­ture – is a cru­cial chap­ter in the sto­ry of a brand. Every ele­ment of the design con­veys a mes­sage, con­tribut­ing …

What To Consider When Choosing Furniture For A Fast-Casual Restaurant

When cus­tomers walk into a fast-casu­al restau­rant, their eyes might ini­tial­ly go to the menu – but the look, feel, and func­tion­al­i­ty of the space itself is just as impor­tant as the …

From Shou Sugi Ban to Style-Forward Design: A Look at Carbonized Wood for Restaurant Furniture

Car­bonized wood is craft­ed with an inno­v­a­tive tech­nique steeped in his­to­ry, one that imbues the mate­r­i­al with a unique aes­thet­ic and a sto­ry as com­pelling as its look. With roots that span …

The Endless Possibilities of Custom Stain Colors

When it comes to the design and ambiance of a restau­rant, there are dozens of ele­ments that add up to cre­ate a unique, yet cohe­sive, look. And in order to per­fect every …

Saloon Chair: The Revival of an Old Favorite

At first glance, the saloon chair may seem like a seat­ing option best suit­ed to inte­ri­ors inspired by an Old West aes­thet­ic. With its wrap-around back and curved arms, this apt­ly named …

Design Inspiration: Coastal Charm

Decid­ed­ly casu­al yet refined, coastal charm is a time­less design style that can be found in sea­side and land­locked locales alike. It embod­ies the relaxed, breezy qual­i­ty of a chic, ocean­side retreat, …

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