Quality Statement


Table Tops                                                                                                                            Our table tops are made with regionally sourced lumber and go through an intensive six step finishing process to ensure a strong, beautiful surface. The initial coat of stain is wiped on by hand and then wiped down with a wash coat to ensure deep penetration of color. All voids are then filled with an oil-based filler creating the smoothest of wood surfaces. Finally, each top receives 3 coats of conversion varnish with sanding between each coat for a hard, durable finish. Our table tops are made from start to finish at our facility in Virginia giving us a total quality control and ensuring the highest quality finished product.

Chairs & Barstools
All of our chairs and bar stools are carefully built, finished and upholstered using only high-quality hardwood frames, premium grade finishes and high-density commercial grade foam resulting in a product that will withstand years of use. Like our table tops, our chairs and bar stools make their way through our factory in Virginia passing several quality checkpoints. These checkpoints inspect the structural integrity, the finish consistency and the upholstery technique of each product so that when an item ships we are confident it meets the highest standards, our customer’s.

Our booths are built to last from the inside out. One piece frame construction creates stability and eliminates joints that can become loose with use. Unlike traditional spring seats, our web seating combined with high-density urethane foam creates a seat that will hold its shape for the life of the booth. Our booth bases are covered in a heavy duty textured plastic and reinforced with corner protectors to withstand heavy traffic and constant cleaning. Superior craftsmanship combined with the highest quality raw materials and constant attention to detail allows us to meet design specifications while producing a durable product that will sit comfortably and last for many years.